Rahavar Consulting Engineers (Incorporated company), was founded in 1981 to take part in the development of the country, by a team of highly professional experts with more than ten years of experience, prior to the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in roads, bridges, tunnels, and water supply structures studies.
Registered under the Reg. #42756, Rahavar has competencies and rating status of two 1st grades and one 2nd grade in expertise of road construction, received from the Department of Consultants and Experts Affairs under the Presidential Strategic Planning and monitoring deputy.
Currently, the Company is enjoying the expertise and valuable experience of more than 100 technicians and engineers (BS, MS and PhD degrees) as its staff, working in the head office in Tehran and offices around the country. These professionals are routinely conducting research and studies on traffic and transportation projects, designing and surveying feeder roads, highways, freeways, urban intersections, exchangers, bridges, tunnels and various related structures.


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